Milestone 1

After six months of hard work, EMILI went successfully through its first milestone in June 2010.

EMILI is an application-oriented project dealing with emergency management in Critical Infrastructures. Consequently, our main focus was on use case analysis and requirement specifications. The deliverables produced in Work Package WP3 summarize these results. In EMILI we have three specific use cases for three typical domains of Critical Infrastructures:

All three use case domains are quite different with respect to their emergency management requirements. This allows us to deal with a broad spectrum of different relevant issues. At the same time, they have sufficient commonalities to enable EMILI to follow a coherent approach to emergency management in all three domains.

Deliverable D3.1 extracts these commonalities and gives an overview on the specific issues in our three use case domains.

Emergency management in Critical Infrastructures covers a broad spectrum of quite different aspects: from preparedness over mitigation and response to recovery and training. Our analysis revealed that most urgent support is needed in the response phase. Here large amounts of information from different heterogeneous sources arrive in SCADA centres which have to be brought together into a coherent picture, evaluated and assessed, and used as basis for fast reactions.

This is exactly what EMILI aims for:

  • support of fast complex situation assessment, and
  • finding appropriate reactions.

Our use case analyses showed that there are a couple of typical cases in each Critical Infrastructure domain where these features are of special value:

  • for the airport and the metro use cases fire is the main challenge where quick situation assessment has to be combined with response actions;
  • in power grids a typical use case is the failure of grid components and the precise identification of the resulting grid situation.

Though the airport and the metro use case have some commonalities (fire, involvement of people, etc.) there are also significant differences (security conditions, openness or closedness of environments, centralized vs. distributed control, etc.).

EMILI will provide advanced information technologies for these purposes:

Both can be processed efficiently with our event technology.

Emergency Management in complex Critical Infrastructures means to process large amounts of different, heterogeneous kinds of information in very short time. The Superior Operational Management Layer SOMAL will provide the necessary modelling functionality for this complex information. The relevant information will be mapped onto this complex SOMAL information model and processed by the event and action machinery.

The Simulation and Training Platform SITE will provide the necessary software framework: it will manage all incoming and outgoing information and communicate with the event and action processing modules. Various Graphical User Interfaces can be plugged in and used for sophisticated user interaction capabilities.

Milestone 1 Deliverables